LCS Generator Repair

Generator Store New and Used
                                                                                       We now! 
Not only provide manufacture authorized service for these quality Generators.We also sell them at  competitive prices.
The beauty of LCS is that if you make a purchase here, and if it happens to have a defect, which unfortunatly happens from time to time. You bring it back here for the quickest possible resolution. If you buy on-line or at big name chain stores you will not get the same  quality stand behind our product that you can expect from LCS. So please shop around do your research, we can provide from 1000 watt to 150kw generators depending on your need. Here are the links to the Web Sites of the products we represent and they are useful to help you decide on what may be your requirements.

Please fill out the (Contact Us Form) on our web site, list your information including your e-mail address. Give as much information as you can of the generator you are looking to purchase.  Manufacturer name, model number, watts. Also any accessories that interest you. We will contact you within 24 hrs by e-mail or phone if requested.
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