LCS Generator Repair

About Us

About Us

In the past  five years, LCS  has built a solid reputation in small engine repair . Our core business is in providing repair service for construction contractors. Framers, masonry, and the like. We are an Authorized Service Provider for several Large Manufacturers. We provide Warranty Repair to each of the Manufacturers local customer base.

Once LCS has provided the Warranty Repair in a timely and expert fashion, the customer is confident in using us for all their additional repair needs.

Service Commitment

If your company depends on the reliability as part of your buiness. Or if you are a home owner with a question about your Generator, Pressure Washer, or shop Air Compressor please don't hesitate to call LCS.

LCS is committed to providing quality service to our community.

Mission Statement
 Others seek to profit by cutting corners, or recommending unnecessary services to customers.

I believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable busines is the recipe for success. A solid reputation being trustworthy and consistent service wll reap bigger profits in the long run. with this i believe that we will enjoy a long term profftable business relationship that serves or community.

Rick Leos




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